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this story about a year ago. tonight it involves google employees. toxic vapors inside two google office buildings. this report comes from our partners at the center for investigative reporting. again, this is getting a lot of attention. >> absolutely, raj. our colleagues for the center of investigative reporting obtained this report to the e.p.a. which runs more than 1,300 pages long. it details how from mid november through mid january high levels of tce in the air inside those google buildings exceeded what is considered safe by the e.p.a. all because workers disabled a critical part of the office complex's ventilation system. the buildings involved are ones renovated and leased by google that sit directly over the e.p.a. superfund site known as the new plume. it found higher than expected levels of tce in the air and ground under homes outside that plume back in december as well as in the google buildings. now it appears the levels of tce could have lingered in the air for months all because the air conditioning system was shut off. >> what we do know is prior to november, mid nov wh
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1